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Nutrition Program Changes

April 20, 2017


Dear Parents,

On April 25th Good Will-Hinckley’s Nutrition Program will be implementing a new nutrition and points of sale system.  This system will improve our meal tracking and reporting system as well as improve your experience with tracking what your child eats, payments, and account balances.

Students will be using an assigned ID number when purchasing meals.  We will be providing ID numbers to both parents and students prior to April 25th

We ask that you clear up any debt owed on your child’s current account as soon as possible and keep it current.  

We will be transitioning to the online payment system, MySchoolbucks.  We will provide more detailed information and instructions once we are ready to implement.

Once implemented, your child's account balance will be transferred to MySchoolBucks and we strongly recommend that deposits be made on the new system online.  Information on how to make payments will be coming to you soon.  Please note, we will still continue to accept cash and checks for payment.  If you do send money in with your student, please seal it in an envelope and put your child’s name and ID number inside with it.  Please put Attn: Katrina Guptill on the outside of the envelope to ensure the money gets into the system properly.

We will be sending you more information and instructions soon as well as posting information on our website.



Katrina M. Guptill

Kitchen Manager

Executive Administrative Assistant

The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences(MeANS) is Maine’s first high school to focus on the natural sciences. MeANS includes day students from the local region and boarding students from across the State. 

Located in central Maine on several hundred acres of wilderness, organic farmland and river frontage, MeANS uses hands-on learning experiences tailored to a student’s interests, introducing them to careers in farming, forestry, sustainability, alternative energy and other related fields. 
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