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Room & Board

Room & Board

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“Living on campus is a phenomenal opportunity, which allows students to have a kind and respectful environment with fellow students and the guidance of attentive Campus Life Advisers.  I speak for many when I say that Campus Life is one of the best programs on this campus.”
Benjamin W. – Grade 10

"Since moving on campus 3 years ago, I have grown in maturity and have learned how to live on my own.  I feel so much more prepared for life after schooling and have made strong friendships with people that I will cherish forever."

Desiree L-J - Grade 12

Campus Life Director

   Michael Hinckley-Gordon

Campus Life

When you come to the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences, you will find a small, close-knit community where students are comfortable being themselves and where staff are dedicated to helping students learn and grow.

Dorm cottages are staffed by experienced Campus Living Advisors (CLAs). Each cottage houses up to eight students, all boys or all girls. During the week, CLAs supervise students’ academic studies and social activities. Each resident has responsibilities at his/her home cottage: cleaning, cooking, etc. CLAs provide coaching in a specific curriculum of independent living skills. Proficiency in these skills is part of each student’s graduation requirements. Students can also hold jobs in the community while living on campus.

Students cook and share meals with other campus residents, watch movies, go hiking and play basketball. Some off-campus activities include going into local towns for sporting events, watching a movie at the theater, or eating at a local restaurant. Parental permission is required for students to leave campus without staff supervision.

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