Maine Academy of Natural Sciences

At Good Will-Hinckley

Meet Our Faculty (click on the photo to read the bio)

  • Rob Moody
    Executive Director
  • Tonya Arnold
  • Terry Mitchell
    School Counselor and Leader
  • Emanuel Pariser
    Director of Curriculum

    and Instruction

  • Lisa Sandy
    Director of Admissions
  • Christine Gettig
    Administrative Assistant
  • Jeffry Chase
    Agricultural Specialist
  • Emily Gribben
    Agriculture Instructor/
    Science Teacher
  • Juliana "Ana" Rothschild
  • Dylan Engler
  • Jessica Parker
    Social Studies
  • Brian Andre
    Special Ed Teacher
  • Mary Littlefield
    Special Ed Teacher
  • Solomon Heifets
    Social Studies Teacher
  • Austin Dryer
    Math Teacher
  • Grace Hilmer
    Community Outreach
  • Michael Cooley
    Special Ed. Tech. III,
    IT Technician
  • Ben Luce
    Education Tech. III
  • Susie Bright
    Special Ed Tech III
  • January Hapworth
    Ed Tech III
  • Brenda Poulin
    Student Support Center
  • Jennifer Sanborn
    Special Ed Tech III
  • Samuel Reed
    Ed Tech III
  • Samantha Pendred
    Ed Tech III
  • Jeanna Holt
    Transportation Coordinator
  • Mark Tulley
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